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Friday, February 16, 2007

Wow nothing like sleeping in! I was wide awake at 7:45, incidentally exactly when I have to wake up for work, but after a few minutes of being up, I decided that was way too early and went back to sleep...till 11:30! Yikes! It was nice though!

Ummmm lazy morning (well after a start like that, what can you expect?), finally talked to Ms. Andee who had fallen off the face of the earth for a week (personally not sure I could go that long w/out 'net, though it would let me have a break from blogging!), went to circle K, and read more of my Margaret Atwood book (determined to get it finished before Monday! It's good though!)

At about 1:30, I headed to JRA Baji Koen to hit up the vaulting barrel again. Man I'm unflexible! It was very depressing! I spent a lot of my time there stretching, which was good, I actually think it was already helping my calf/shin issues, I could feel the difference just on the walk back. They've also managed to get the surcingle completely tight (I think because they added side reigns to the surcingle, and the way they've wrapped them in tightens it right up) - I can do hangs and stuff without worrying about it now! There was some kind of little schooling show or something going on, although I didn't really watch too much of it - I think there were some university teams though, I saw a bunch of people in various uni jackets wandering around - there seems to be a very big equestrian team community within the schools! It's interesting! And soooo many riding guys! The horses are all soo nice too!

Actually, to check out another super amazing, gorgeous horse, her brilliant rider, (and one rather cute pony!), check out this video - Gooo Karen! If you ever need to inject some inspiration into your life, check out her story! I want to go to Beijing sooo much to cheer her on! (Well actually, HK I guess, since I'm pretty sure that's where the riding is going to be, which actually, sucks - half the point of the Olympics is the atmosphere!) Oh! I just realised that since she competes afterwards, it's all good! I just have to win the lottery and then I can go to Beijing for the Olympics, and then head to HK for the paralympics... Perfect! Of course, if she double games, I might have to change my plans, but I have the feeling there are going to be a few bigger hurdles in my way than planning my itinerary!

(I wonder how this golf course feels about becoming a cross country course?)

Anyway, stayed at JRA until about 3:45 and then wandered back to the station, stopping at a Saint Germain bakery (mmm!) to get some buns on my way home, which I ate with leftover minestrone soup for a very late lunch once I got back. Venus and I also went for a walk, and I found the other grocery store by the station, Marusho, which seems much nicer and bigger than the one I was in on the muffin baking day (but also doesn't take VISA, though this time I wasn't shopping, so it was OK!)

We wandered back and then just chilled- reading, watching Friends, etc. I really need to be more productive the rest of the weekend, today was ridiculous! Peter and Hitomi came home long enough to drop the car off at about 9:30 and then went back out for a late Valentine's dinner, so Venus and I ate the rest of the curry (I really made a ridiculous amount of the stuff at the beginning of the week!), and have just been relaxing.

Tomorrow is kind of exciting though - I'm off to meet a gymnastics coach that Lisle put me in touch with, hopefully I'll be able to borrow a corner of his gym to train in, and possibly even lend a hand with coaching occasionally - not really sure, but either way I'm excited about just being in a gym tomorrow! Also teaching, and then not sure what the plans are for the rest of the day/evening - I hope they include being vaguely productive though!


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