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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Busy day at work today - the new Weekender came out, so there was distribution for that, and of course, I had to read it over my lunch break, though I haven't read my pieces yet, I'm too worried there will be some mistake or something!

I also spent the morning compiling the 'things to do' section, where we list one thing to do for each of the fourteen days that the Weekender is current. Its amazing how many things will happen on the same day, leaving you with nothing for some of the other days! I have a sort of master calendar going, that I add to as I get press releases in, so I'm able to pull from that, but its still usually a couple of hours to get everything sorted out and try and find some pictures or whatever.

This afternoon was spent writing the Chinatown article. I'm still not sure where they're using it, but neither was Anthony, so he told me to just write it and then he'd cut it if he needed to. The two possible lengths were 1500 or 850, and I ended up at 1506, so I'm glad I'm not the one who might be getting rid of half of it! Also downloaded my pictures from Chinatown and chose a few to suggest for the Chinatown article, and the Motomachi piece which I still have to write and submit tomorrow. Did a quick run to the post office and then left at about 4:30 so I'd have a bit of a break between work and teaching.

Taught/tutored/whatever you want to call it until seven and then biked home-it was sooooo cold! This morning, I was biking in a long sleeved shirt and HOT doing it, but tonight the wind kicked up and it was bloody freezing, especially with no gloves! I was sorely tempted to leave the bike at a station overnight, but then I'd have to get it tomorrow, and I also would be worried about it getting stolen, bike theft is pretty common here compared to the overall non level of crime. Someone at work actually had his bike stolen a few weeks ago, but then found it yesterday... he has plans to steal it back with the use of a spare key - it's pretty phenomenal that he managed to find his bike again, but I guess it's got a few unique features and was also parked where he normally parks it!

Anyway, just before eight I dragged myself home and made some tea and then curled up on the couch with Venus to read about some people who really had some cold to complain about in a book about Everest called The Climb. It's about the tragic and disastrous trip to Everest in 1996 which Jon Krakaur was on, and eventually wrote his book, Into Thin Air about. An interesting read! I have to say though, I'm pretty sure these high altitude mountaineering types are a little bit nuts!

I spent the evening curled up on the coach with V, after I finished my book we watched the last three episodes ever of Friends, and just as I was finishing that, at about 11:30, Peter finally made it home from work. In the end, we didn't really make dinner, just scavenged snacks, but that's ok - cereal and crackers and cheese are V. yummy!

I almost forgot to blog, which is why this is pretty short and thin on details, but nothing much exciting happened, so don't feel you're missing out!


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tut tut - no pics since auto shoeser