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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Very very little to talk about today, sorry!

Got up at eightish, got ready for work, etc. I accidentally managed to procrastinate sufficiently to fun out of time to bike to work, which actually kind of sucked because it was a) a gorgeous day, and b) today is the day most of the podcasts I listen to come out, so its always an interesting ride... Tomorrow I suppose!

Nothing overly exciting happened at work either, oddly enough I didn't have to frantically write anything to fill a hole (we go to print tomorrow), so I spent the morning trying to get some entries for our creative kids contest (cold calling was a bit too close to ISR!!) and then spent the afternoon working on transcribing the interview I did with Sarah for BAB... I think we're going to run an article in the magazine and then also post the transcript of the interview online since it has lots of good practical information for anyone who is interested in maybe doing a program like hers, but would probably not be so interesting for anyone who isn't...

Actually left on time ish today and spent my break reading tokyo by Mo Hayder (and evidently called 'the devil of Nanking' in Canada), which is a pretty interesting thriller about a girl who gets mixed up with the yakuza while searching for answers about the invasion of Nanking in 1937. The only thing I don't really like about it is all the flashbacks to the invasion, the modern story is great, and the interruptions are a bit annoying, but it's a good read for sure! Incidentally, there have been two shootings in Tokyo in the last two days, both Yakuza related. From what I've heard, there was a shooting in Shibuya yesterday morning at ten am, which killed a high ranking mobster, and then this morning at ten am, the shooter was gunned down in Roppongi. Yikes!

Taught the two kids today, who were pretty cute. We read a book about a family in a covered wagon heading west which they seemed to enjoy, and I again successfully navigated their math homework, always a plus!

Came home, and since Peter was thinking he was going to be late, I just made myself dinner (rice and bean burritos), watched a couple of episodes of Friends, and now up here blogging... Perhaps tomorrow will be a more blog worthy day! I hope so! Actually, it should be - I have my one month (a little early, but that's OK) review at work tomorrow...I guess you can't get fired from an non paying job, right? I'm sure it will be fine!


PS - anyone want to go see Margaret Atwood at the Canadian Embassy with me on Feb. 19th? (Monday). C'mon, you know you want to be a bookworm with me! :p

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