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Friday, February 02, 2007

So in the end, I decided to go see the Molets play, at Club Que in Shimokitazawa. It was great, because Shimo is like a seven minute bike ride from our house, so I figured I'd go, watch them, hang out for a little bit, and then bike home at 2:30 or so... In the end, that's not exactly what happened, but that's OK! It's a great little live house, and I had a great time overall. I got there a little bit before the Molets set and we listened to the world music-ish band on before them, and then when the Molets were getting set up, I went to say hi to the only two other gaijins (a Brit and a German from Yokohama) in the whole joint.

Earlier, Jordon and I had been wondering how they'd found out about the event, turns out that they'd heard about the club from a friend who promised them British club music, so they came to check it out a few months ago, and even though they didn't find British club music, they liked the venue and come from Yokohama a couple of times a month to hang out there depending on who the live acts are. I ended up hanging out with them quite a bit, and then weirdly, when Jordon got introduced to them, it turned out that the girl, Rosie, from Britain, recognized Jordon from a Geos teaching social like two years ago! What a small world this gaijin community in Japan truly is!

After the Molets played (good fun as they were last time I saw them!), I was going to stay for a few minutes and hang out, but a few minutes turned into a few hours somewhere along the way - everyone else was staying till first train, and I kind of ended up doing so as well, even though I had my bike with me... It was a pretty chill club, and not very busy - people were basically either dancing, chatting outside where it was quieter, or passed out asleep waiting for the trains... At about 4:45, I decided to go, and discovered my wallet missing! This is the first (and last!) time I'd brought it to a club or concert with me - usually I just take a bit of cash and id in a meishi case in my pocket, but last night I just ran out the door with my purse cause it was all a bit last minute, and I wasn't planning on staying... I had my purse on me a lot of the time, but for a little while, I had it with a big pile of coats and purses about 10 feet from me. Someone had to go under the coat and scarf stuffed in my purse to get it.

When we realised it was missing, Jordon helped me look all around where it was, and I asked at the door (I was amazed that at 4:45, stressed out about my wallet, I was able to pull the Japanese word for one out of my brain!). We left a description and a phone number for them, and Jordon tried to convince me someone had ended up with it by accident, like it had fallen out or something. We waited till five when the lights came up and searched around everywhere (by now there were a lot of people looking for it), and one of the staff members (I think) found it on the other side of the club, where I really hadn't been that much, $70 lighter :( (For here, that's really not much cash to be carrying, I know a lot of people who never leave the house with less than $100, because its still very much a cash based society here) Everyone who heard was pretty surprised that would happen there, but I was definitely stupid to leave it there, so I'm really glad I got my id and visa and everything back OK, and lesson learned I guess...

By the time that drama was over, it was 5:20ish, and so the trains were running again. I walked up to the station with Jordon and a couple of other people and then biked home, getting back here at about 5:40 and going to bed at 6:00 or so... Its a complete mystery to me why I was wide awake less than four hours later, but I'm sure I'm going to crash early this evening!

Anyway, that's enough for the bonus blog, I'm going to go get ready to teach, and then Hitomi is having some friends over, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to get up to for the rest of the day, sleep perhaps...

mata ne,

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Anonymous said...

Wow - high excitement in the big city! Glad to hear you got your wallet/VISA /ID back ok!