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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Slept in today which was nice; had a chance to talk to Navina for a bit before leaving, etc. (glad the Shins concert was good! I wish they were coming here!) It was a gorgeous day, but I didn't want to be biking home after the BAB night out, so I compromised by taking the train to Nogizaka and walking up from there, about a twenty minute walk, which was very pleasant in the lovely sun!

It was fun at work today, for some reason it seemed even more happy and jokey than normal. I'm not sure if that's because Weekender got finished a bit early, or the combination of people who happened to be working, or the sun, or this is just what they get to be like later on in the day when I've already left usually, or what, but it was good fun :). I was doing more proof reading, which I do really enjoy, despite being painfully slow at it! It's amazing how many grammatical things I've either never considered or never come across, (what happens to the punctuation in a bracket if the bracketed content is the entire sentence? Do lead in headlines have punctuation? Is everything in them capitalized? etc.)
*by the way, what DID they teach us in highschool English, because it certainly wasn't grammar!* I'm quickly becoming attached to the Chicago Manual of Style! Presumably, this will help me with future essay writing, though with my luck, I'll be studying Japanese, which doesn't do grammar with quite the same fervour as English!

I'm also working on the 'women of the world' page, where we digest important news involving and affecting women around the world. If you know of something you think might be appropriate, leave a comment!

Speaking of interesting news, this story is crazy! In part:

Three ultra-endurance athletes have just done something most would consider insane: They ran the equivalent of two marathons a day for 111 days to become the first modern runners to cross the Sahara Desert's grueling 4,000 miles."

I think they meant to say: "...have just done something everyone except these fitness freaks would consider insane" but actually, its a pretty amazing story, test of strength, willpower, etc!

After work, Jen and Karin and I headed down to Paddy Foleys, a traditional Irish pub in Roppongi, and the location for our Being a Broad Girls Night Out. We got there a bit early, and Jen and I shared a baked potato and the oddest pizza I have ever had! It had uncooked spinach, tomatoes, fresh shaved mozzarella, and (wait for it!) sour cream and mashed potatoes! It was tasty, if bizarre! As Jen says, 'the term pizza is used loosely here!' Indeed!

We had a fairly small turn out tonight, compared to other nights, from what I've heard, but everyone seemed very nice, and there was even a random connection between one of the girls and Jen, as the girl works for the same company as Jen's husband. They didn't know each other, but knew a few mutual co workers.

We had a makeup artist, 'Medusa', come tonight to give free makeovers, and Helen took before and after photos to be used in BAB. My name ended up on the list somehow, but it was fun - she used sparkly eyeliner type stuff, which was really cute and fun, I like it! She has the most amazing selection of stuff; she used to work at MAC, so most of the products were from there, all packed into a suitcase which just seemed to disgorge (is that even a word?) mountains and mountains of products and brushes and stuff, it was pretty impressive!

I met one girl who is a singer for Disney, which is pretty cool (and to which Jen and Karin and I all chorused: "oohh like Kieron!" as that's how he came to Japan). I took the train a couple of stops with her, and I think we'll connect through Facebook perhaps, which would be cool - always nice to meet new people! (and this one has an 'in' with the mouse!)

Just got home at about quarter to eleven, and walked in the door approximately a minute before Peter, who got home about five minutes before Hitomi - Venus was so excited!!

Going to go find a snack and then head to bed - unfortunately its not another 1pm start tomorrow ;)

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