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Saturday, February 03, 2007

In the end, I ended up not going back to sleep, so I ran on about four hours of sleep today, which means that I'm about to be pretty ready for bed, and its not even eleven yet!

I rode the bike down to Shibuya to teach at one, which was good - I was teaching the stylist guy, and that's getting to be an easier and easier conversation each week. Today we were commiserating about getting money stolen out of our wallets - he had 80 000Y (800$) stolen with his wallet from work a few weeks ago, except all of his ID and everything was taken as well, so obviously overall that was a shittier experience than mine! We also talked a bit about his upcoming trips to Taiwan and a month long shopping trip he's planning on taking for his job, which sounds pretty sweet - there must be worse things than shopping for clothes in NYC for a month!

I came back home at about 2:30 and Hitomi was cooking up a feast for the party she hosted today... People started coming at about 3:30 I think, and about eight people or so came (a few are still here now, at 10:50, but I've crawled up to blog since I was falling asleep while they watched various bits and pieces of Canadian tv, so I'm not missing much). It was all current or former co workers of Hitomi's plus Peter's friend Lisle, whom I met on my third or so day here when we went to see her movie with Jordon at the Canadian embassy (it was about Japanese pottery). It was good to see her again, we chatted quite a bit tonight, (she might be able to hook me up with some gymnastics!!) and everyone who showed up was very nice - there was even another Canadian in the mix (who went to U of T) so we chatted about Toronto and the such for awhile...

Hitomi provided mountains of delicious food, including soft tacos, home made guacamole, yummy bbq chicken Peter grilled up, and an amazing pesto pasta salad, plus more... I'm soooo full! Peter and I combined in a team effort to create a Betty Crocker cake and canned frosting creation, which turned out pretty fantastically I have to say!

Ms. V was in her element, getting dropped morsels and generally causing chaos wherever possible... She didn't steal food out of anyone's hand (as she's done in the past I hear), but she did try and eat off my plate while I was eating, which earned her a time out/bannishment from the house into the yard, which is to her, the worst thing ever - being segregated from the rest of the pack is just not on in Vchan land! She's cute though, and she has her 'guilty/i'm sorry' look down pat, so she's lucky there!

Anyway, I have to teach at 10 tomorrow, and then I'm meeting a new family tomorrow afternoon, there is an eleven year old girl I'm supposed to start teaching I think. I don't know anything about her English ability, or what the Mom really wants me to do with her, so it should be interesting! We'll see how it goes tomorrow I suppose...

Happy Weekend!

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