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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

This morning got off to a completely ridiculous start! Luckily, I'd already arranged to go into work late, as I knew I'd be staying late, and I needed to go to the ward office to get my gaijin card updated with my new passport information, as well as go to the library (I really don't want to deal with fines here, that just seems like it would be much too complicated!). Unfortunately, at the ward office, I realised I hadn't refilled my pump, and didn't have enough insulin for the whole day/evening (yea, I know I should have a spare bottle/reservoirs on me, but I didn't; doh!) so I went from the kuyaksho (sp?) to the library and then biked home, filled my pump, and jumped on a train to get to work, about twenty minutes after I'd said I'd get there, which wasn't so good, but actually no one really minded since its a) pretty flexible, and b) busy today, and c) I got everything done.

At the library, it was funny b/c I tried to leave my bike up at the top of the big hill and walk down, and the traffic guy kind of came over to me and was shaking his head, so I gestured towards the bike, and asked him 'daijoubou desu ka?' and he was like 'blah blah blah questioning gesture, why?' so I told him I was going to the toshokan, and he's was like 'ah. Ok desu', and let me park there. Then after, I saw him walking down the hill, and he kept saying stuff in Japanese, and I'm trying to tell him I don't speak Japanese, and then randomly, he was like 'san gatsu', and I was like 'oh! March!' (no idea why that was relevant to whatever he might have been saying!) And he was like 'yes, March. Have a nice day', and walked off. Very random!

Anyway, did eventually make it to work, and had a busy day filling in a few gaps for BAB, and finishing the 'Things to Do' section for Weekender. Most of us went for lunch at Suji's today, which was really good-we almost all got one of the lunch specials which was a cobb salad sandwich... My lunch from today was relegated to the fridge for tomorrow, but I hear plans afoot to go to Suji's again tommorow (beef stroganoff or chicken parm sandwich are the specials), which is very hard to resist!

This evening three of us ended up at Suji's again though, as Grace Kim, whom we featured in the sports section of the Chinatown issue of Weekender was sweet enough to take us out for drinks (and nachos....mmm!) I really want to take some Tae Kwan Do classes from her and her new company, 3 Step Defense. It was funny because my blog came up a lot today, talking about blogs, people who get book deals from blogs, and also, at lunch, how such a high percentage of the search terms coming of people coming to my blog have been about Suji's, and then today, Grace mentioned she'd found my blog by searching for Suji's, so tonight when I got home, I googled 'Suji's tokyo' and I'm the first and second listings on google, (I'm also number 3 and 4 for 'shiba koen futsal') which is pretty crazy! (Maybe I should start selling them ad space on here ;).
I didn't quite make it to Pecha Kucha night as we hung out at Suji's for quite awhile, but that's OK - its every month, and it was lots of fun tonight so I wouldn't have wanted to bail early!

Got home around 10:30, had some pasta, and blogging, still waiting for Peter to come home, though Hitomi has just walked in the door. I have started thinking about what I'm going to do with this blog, because it really has to end soon! Increasingly I think it's bordering on the self serving drivel that people then to complain about when discussing blogs.

I'm also tired of how much I do have to censor myself, and how little I can say about work, etc. We were kind of talking about it today, which made me start thinking about it more, I mean, I'm careful about what I say about work, but what if something slips out of whatever... Honestly, I'm getting tired of the self censorship, but its also not like I'm going to actually say how I feel on here...But on the other hand, I do like having a record of the trip, so not sure what the best solution would be.

I was thinking it might be interesting to write a novel on a blog, like the same kind of length as I write on here each day, and then you'd have like a serialised novel with built in fans, and incentive to write every day, but maybe I should finish CRASH first ;) Or, I could just blog when something interesting happens, but that has the potential to become less than sporadic, or, I could start a second, pass word protected blog and just dish in there, but that seems a bit weird, I don't necessarily want or need my personal diary (not that I've ever kept one!) online...

Who knows? Blogging is weird!

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Nikki said...

I LOVE your blog! No, no, no - you can't even think about not keeping it up... It is just great hearing about day-to-day life in Tokyo - it may all be starting to seem ordinary to you, but to those of us who will never experience what you are experiencing, your postings are fabulous! Noodle museums! Italian-themed shopping centres! Margaret Atwood! And all the little things - your language adventures. Interactions with the locals (why would the traffic guy talk about March?) It's all good.

As for the censorship issue, if something inappropriate ever did slip out and someone complained, well, that's what the edit function is for (trust me on that one - I know!) Keep getting feedback from those who are most likely to be affected and go from there... Every writer exercises a bit of self-censorship at one time or other- nothing wrong with that. But to lose a whole, wonderful blog because you worry that something might slip someday? Now THAT would be wrong!