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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Well, it was our golf tournament today at Windsor Park in Ibaraki. We had quite the adventure getting there (things started looking down when we were sooo far off track that we were no longer on the map!) but we got there eventually and had a nice lunch before heading off for a casual 9 before coming back in for the prize-giving ceremony (winner of the event received a weekend test drive in a jag, but everyone got a prize...there were some pretty cool ones including 3days accomodation in saipan, some nice dinners out, champers, etc.). Headed home after that, and got in around 10--its about an hour by 'Fresh Hitatchi' (baby shinkansen) and then a 20 (or hour and 20 minute, depending on directions or lack there of ;) ) ride from the eki to the course...In tokyo, the fresh hitachi also goes only to ueno, which is about a 35 minute subway from our house. So its a bit of a trek all in all, but lovely to go out into all the greenery (though the 'wow! there's trees!' thing wasn't as exciting this year as last where it had been like 8 months, not 8 days since being in Canada).

Anyway, here are some photos from the day and surrounding countryside:
Finishing hole, taken from the clubhouse facing out
lovely location!!
clubhouse in the background...

Finishing up the 18th before heading into the clubhouse
countryside-japan is veeery different to tokyo!
that's a bad's never good when your truck ends up t over a in a rice paddy!
the jag and range rover that you could win a weekend ride in.
above: our golf cart in action (if by action I mean a still shot), below: our golf cart in action (if by action I mean video)

(wow, very cool, if it works you can now upload videos directly onto blogger, very nice!!) Assuming it does show up, these are the cool golf carts--you get a remote control, and press the button to start and stop, and the carts follow predetermined (magnetic, i imagine) paths around the course, stopping automatically at tee boxes and greens and things in the event you forget to press stop.


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