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Friday, June 27, 2008

Conbrio is here! Isn't she cute! It totally sucks I can't see her, but this is the newest member of our cute!

So I've been getting in trouble for not blogging enough...Mostly, I've just been at work, so you're not missing too much! I have a basically 4-day weekend now though, which is pretty exciting! I did absolutely NOTHING today! Slept in, then watched 8 episodes of The Paper on MTV, took Venus for a walk to Origin for a tonkatsu bento for lunch, had a nap, and now Peter, Hitomi and I are watching 'I survived a Japanese Game Show'. SOOO funny. I love it!

Last weekend was fun though--I went to some hoop dancing classes for an article for BAB, but I really enjoyed it, so I'm going back for more, tomorrow morning, actually. Also had a nice dinner at the Akasaka Biz Building (they've built a big development since i left) with a bunch of the old cpi crew, many of whom are leaving, either permanently or for the summer :( We also had Emma's leaving do at lunch this week :( It's going to be sad to see her go! I hope she and Mads are happy back in Oz.

Listened to a very very interesting NPR show a few days ago, about a brain scientist who had a huge stroke when she was 37 or something...She talks about the experience, but because of her expertise on the subject, she can obviously explain it very well. Listen here.

And that's about it! (I have no idea how i wrote so much last time lol). Maybe I can get some pics of the hooping tmw...That would be good.


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