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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A SIXTH foot?!

How bloody bizarre....I love how the Vancouver Police Constable says "All I can say is....I've never seen this before..."

You don't say? You mean it isn't common to have five right feet and a left one wash up around the west coast of Canada in a little under a year? Shocker that one!!

In other strange news, a small town in one of the Dakota's had a mayoral election where exactly NO ONE voted. The incumbent is planning to take the second term (he was running unopposed). You would think his wife would take the position but she was running (also unopposed) for town selectman, so she couldn't even vote for the poor guy.

And, somewhere in Eastern Europe (I think), the town happily voted in a dead guy. He died after voting had started, but they all knew what they were doing...someone was quoted as saying 'but i still wanted him'....must make the guys who still have a pulse feel loved!

ETA: correction of left vs. right feet thanks to the comment...

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Anonymous said...

there was one right foot