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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Just a quick blog before bed...Had a pretty lazy morning today, watching the finale of America's Next Top Model (only like 2 months late!) , making the rounds of all the gymnastics blogs I read (addicted2gym, gymnastics coaching, polish101, gymnasticsnstuff, gymblog, ozgymblog, etc.), plus the articles that the IG aggregator found, and, of course, the forum...There may (or may not) be some sort of addiction here ;)

Then, peter was going out for brunch which meant I got a ride basically to the library, where magically my card still worked. These friendly turtles were in a pond outside the entrance.
Books in hand, I walked from The Harajuku side of Omotesando to Aoyama to check out the lululemon there and picked out the bag I want to get myself (but probably in black). The store is a decent size, has a pretty good collection, and is actually, between the 5 (vs 14) % tax and the exchange rate, possibly a very slightly bit cheaper than shopping from home. Bonus :)

That done, I made my way to the Roppongi-area for Mads and Emma's leaving drinks at this fun bar/restaurant called the Rolling Stone Cafe. Perhaps copyright only becomes an issue if you throw the extra 's' in there? While its definitely sad to see them going, it was really great to see Jen and Mike (and little paul for the first time!), karin and nico, kieron, was like old-home week with the office crew.

Random but: I just found a review saying the rolling stone cafe is actually owned by rolling stone magazine. interesting. It's a nice place and has a huuuuge outdoor terrace. (for those in tokyo, it's diagonally across from the starbucks/tsutaya at the bottom of the hill near roppongi hills.)

Speaking of Roppongi Hills, here's an interesting bit of public art (?) that fills a huge shop window (didn't that used to be louis vuitton or something?) that explains how the logo was created--R.Hill's kanji means 6 trees--which was eventually represented by the 6 dots...

Came home just after 8 and chilled--did some takkyubin slip writing, had dinner, vaguely listened as peter and hitomi watched the wire, wrote some emails, and now, this blog...

time for bed though, as it's an early morning for work tomorrow.

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