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Monday, May 02, 2011

Well, we're here!

T drove the two of us to Seattle from Vancouver on Sunday morning, getting up at 7 and leaving around 8. We got to Sea-Tac by 12:30 and were checked in at 1, giving us plenty of time to hang out and stress out before we got on the plane for a 4:30 departure. Seven rather groggy sleeping pill-filled hours later, we arrived in Reykjavik, which was...not at all like we were expecting. Very desolate and volcanic, and not so green. And snow! Apparently it's unusual for them to have snow here at this time of year, which made us feel a little bit better, at least. It's also not too cold, which is nice, and the sun did eventually come out.

We got a bus in from the airport and ended up at the central bus station, about 20 minutes' walk from where we are staying, so we headed up there and got to Tobba and Halli's house around 9. It's our first Couchsurfing experience, and so far, so good. We haven't met Halli yet, but Tobba is a sweetheart and welcomed us to drop off our bags. We went off to explore Reykjavik for a few hours and then came back to collapse, so we saw her briefly again this afternoon before she headed off to work (she's a nurse). Halli will be home from work in awhile, so in the meantime, the two of us are just relaxing and watching some TV/letting people know we're here/blogging/etc.

In the couple of hours we went into town, we mostly walked down the main shopping street, wondering why nothing was open until 11, price-compared a bunch of cafes until we found a reasonable one and had a light lunch, and then headed over to a mall near our hosts in order to get internet for me to take up north. That didn't actually happen, but wandering around the mall was fun, and we explored the grocery store (especially its candy aisle, where the candy bags are sponsored by Colgate!), was good fun and about all our over-tired selves were too interested in doing.

Back at Halli and Tobba's its just been a short nap for me and showers/relaxing. Tomorrow when we're not quite so exhausted/disoriented we'll hit up a couple of more touristy locations--there's a cathedral we want to look through, a harbour to explore, and some sort of Saga museum.

Photos soon. xxo

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