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Sunday, May 01, 2011

So we're in Vancouver, with one foot out the door to Iceland. It's the same as usual, exciting with a side of terrifying, of hating change, of missing people I love, all that. But: Icelandic Ponies! Sheep! Fjords! Completely un-intelligable names! It will be good. And y'all* have Skype, right? Tall Panda, I'm looking at you! (*apparently I'm now from Texas)

I'm looking forward to getting there, finally, which will be at about midnight tomorrow, or in less than 24 hours. T is driving C and me down to Seattle for a mid-afternoon flight. It's only 7 hours, which is nice, my sleeping pills should deal with that pretty well; one hopes.

So far on the forgotten list: my carefully procured Esquire. It was meant to last me for the airport and then be left in a hostel or cafe or something. Travelling light(ish) means I haven't brought a single actual book with me, which is very strange and a bit like having left my left hand at home. I've been busily downloading Kindle, Kobo, and iBook apps on my phone, and downloading free books. So far I'm basically getting what I've paid for, but when I get my library downloading sorted out, provided the wait lists aren't quite so insane, there should be some good stuff on there. Or I'll cave and throw the 5 pound tome that is Shantaram into my bag for another go round.

More from Reykjavik tomorrow!

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