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Friday, May 06, 2011

Just a quick post today--I want to go to bed, but I'm hoping to get photos up tomorrow if we have any spare time in the afternoon...

We woke up just before 7 to do the cows, which wasn't quite as involved in the morning--we only have to scrape behind them and milk them, as well as feeding ponies and a few other things. Morning chores take about 2 hours. Then we had breakfast and did some folding and hanging of laundry for the family, and at about 10:30 got the fantastic news we were going to town!! We went straight to a bookstore with free internet and checked in with the world, and then wandered around Akureryi for a little bit. We had gorgeous weather again, and it really is a stunning little town on the fjord. We ate Icelandic hotdogs for lunch, with yummy crispy onions in them, and walked down to the little mall for icecream.

At about 1, we came back to the farm and spent a couple of hours taking photographs, watching TV, and taking in laundry, before starting evening chores at 4. These take nearly 3 hours, and will be fully documented later. After chores, a neighbour who is also in the play came over and we watched the news interview B had done on local TV with her. It included a clip of the play with a bunch of farmers in their skivvies. Very entertaining even though we didn't understand a word of the Icelandic!

We had a quick dinner (hotdogs again, haha) and then they were off to the performance, while C and I skyped with Toryn, watched Friends, did a bit of work, and are now gratefully getting an early night!


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