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Monday, May 23, 2011

We got down to the cows just after 7 this morning and were surprised to find both B and T out and milking already. Usual no one gets down there until between 7 and 7:15 and there is enough prep for milking that no one is milking anything until at least 7:30. Anyway, I guess today was the monthly milk testing day, so maybe they were up early for that?

We did our chores (including moving the ponies successfully) and headed up to the house and after breakfast just did some laundry and cleaned tack, and then had lunch, which was yummy meat stew and potatoes and rice. And a bowl of cereal just for good measure haha.

We were given some time off, which I used to work on something for Toryn, send some work emails, and watch Friends with Cecilia, and then we took oldest to soccer and in the hour he was there, we stocked up on anti-nausea medication for C for the ferry (given the weather here we are getting a little worried!), I picked up a used book for the ferry, and picked up lots of food for our trip. I'm going to be very disappointed if I'm too seasick to eat my skyr! At this point, though, the pass to the town where the ferry leaves from is closed and we're not entirely sure what we will do if it hasn't opened back up again by Wednesday. Perhaps a few more days here or a few days at the barley farm. We'll play it by ear over the next 24 hours and then make a plan depending on what is going on with the weather.

After we got back from town it was time for snack and then cow chores. We did the first half of it and then b and t did all the milking so that we could build a new horse fence in the minus five degree snow and wind. With all the clothing I was wearing (three pairs of pants, two shirts, 2 fleeces, a jacket, 2 buffs, a toque and gloves) I was actually warm, which was a small miracle.

During cow chores Cecilia was getting followed around by a new calf that was butting our legs and sides looking for milk. She followed c around at every step, which was pretty cute, if a little annoying.

We also saw youngest inadvertently giving one of the puppies what can only be described as a blow job. She had the puppy flopped over on his back and was kissing him and blowing raspberries all over his little puppy penis. It was absolutely hilarious and we tried not to laugh too hard in front of her, because I don't think she had any idea what she was doing.

After chores we came up for a light dinner and then basically stayed hunkered down during the wind and sideways snow we've been, um, enjoying.

Tomorrow we are building fences and moving cows, who apparently will 'explode' if they go out in the sun, so it's good that it will cloudy tomorrow.


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