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Friday, November 17, 2006

So unfortunately, I don't have so much to blog about today! For the first time since I can remember (ever?) I just really wanted to stay home today, which is soooooo bizarre for me, but that's OK...

So Venus and I did just that, basically having a day of chillaxing... Since I hadn't talked to anyone from home in awhile I called those guys and caught up with Mom, Grampy and Julia, and just checked in with everyone there... Grampa is getting organized with his Hawaii paperwork which is handy - we wouldn't want him to have to miss out on all the fun! Pete finally booked our plane tickets yesterday, so we are indeed going from the 16th-31st, and then coming back to a week of Tokyo playing ghost town as everyone goes back to their home town for the big New Year's celebrations... We'll just be hanging out and recovering from our vacation!

After I talked to everyone I made another one of those craft kit things (and then hid it on the top shelf of my closet - Venus is being very thievish today! Since I'm desperate for content for today (how do daily papers do it?!), I'll post a couple of pictures of the process:
(lots of pieces and no English make for some interesting problem solving!)
(but it all works out in the end... as long as the venuppi puppy doesn't get to it!!)

After that I finished up the book I was reading (just a fairly lame suspense novel) and then worked on my book some more... I finished my general read through, so now I'll be starting to get a few people to have a look at it for me... It's really short, even though it's actually 2000 words over the writer's guidelines...These books are SUPER short! 13-15 000 words, and I'm at just a few hundred over 17 000, but I'm sure those can go fairly easily!

After that I started to catch up on the 60 +/- pages of hard copy scrap booking I have to do (I wonder what the word count on this blog is?) and then Pete came home with exciting stories of having to take an office mate to hospital (they're going to be totally fine, and I don't want to post private stories on here!), but his day was much more interesting than mine!

We ended up having some lasagna and garlic buns for dinner and then Hitomi showed up at around 11:45, and we've just basically been hanging out - a very laid back day! Hitomi had some positive information on the vaulting though, it's looking like some use of their 'wooden horse' maybe be possible which would be pretty great! I also had a call today from one of the ladies I met at the Tokyo Writer's Day, and she's been passing my name onto a couple of people looking for tutors for their kids, so it sounds like that's all going to pick up fairly soon as well...

Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow, but on Sunday, it's back to Velfarre for Kong's dubious Hawaii Night... We'll see how that turns out! Aloha!


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