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Saturday, November 04, 2006

The day almost started way too early this morning, when the outside speakers (neighbourhood wide) started blaring some kind of announcement (all in Japanese), at 9am. Even though my window was shut, it was pretty impossible to sleep through! Luckily it was done in about ten minutes, and I crashed again!

In the end, we got up late (much better!), and enjoyed some of our delicious COSTCO food, before finally deciding to take Venus for a walk and go to a near by shopping area called Sasazuka. To get there, we walked through a development which had a very large boulevard, with no motor vehicles allowed - it was really nice, and much larger than most car streets in residential areas! There was a long and skinny playground along part of one end of it, and it was there that I proved I could make it across some monkey bars to a not very believing Peter.

We also walked through a fairly traditional looking street, which was nice - very pretty lanterns and stuff, before finally getting to the station/area we were headed to for shopping.

We stashed Venus by a railing and then headed into this huge mall/department store. I'm not actually really sure what it was classed as, because the different zones weren't really divided that well, but I think there were actually stores in there kind of... Anyway, I wanted to go to the stationary section to get some supplies because a couple of people have contacted me about private conversational English lessons - I figure the least I can do is give the illusion of knowing what I'm doing! Thank goodness for the Internet - I've found tons of fun lesson plans and activities and lessons and tips, and all sorts of good things on there!

We came home around 6ish? and Hitomi came over shortly afterwards, after a long discussion we settled on a tasty dinner of rice, two kinds of curry, naan bread, and crab cakes for Peter and Hitomi. While we ate dinner, we donated two hours of our time to The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. It was fun to see some familiar places, and to finally find out what the green signs I see all over the place on power poles beside the road mean (school zone ahead). It was, however, not exactly the best movie on the planet!

I worked on my paper based scrapbook, and filled in the first few pages that had been missing before, but I'm still only as far as Venus' house tour, so I need to do some more printing and scrapping this weekend so I don't end up with 42 days of unscrapped crap and blog entries.

After Tokyo Drift, we watched some early OC (they're way behind here, which is handy, since I didn't watch it at home), and then made a plan to go launch a second offensive on the vaulting club tomorrow and see if we can't get me in.

Anyway, I need to go - Pete needs me to google the meaning of the word Canada/Kanata or something like that.


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