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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm blogging early today becasue I'm leaving a bit later on to go out with Sarah and some of her Waseda friends to Roppongi tonight... As far as I know, we're headed here: Lexington Queen, and I'm not planning on wanting to blog when I get home tonight! For anyone wondering what happened to RENT, we decided that since we're just getting our tickets on the day, we're going to wait till next week and go when Jordon is fully over his cold...I'll certainly be posting a full review once I see it!

Went to Sasazuka earlier to grab some money from the post office bank, and on my way home, stopped in a little tiny new and used clothing shop. It was pretty funny because the guy who was working there basically said hi to me when I came in, and then, seeing I was trying on a jacket, pointed out the mirror to me, and said 'chotto matte, smoking' - just a minute, I'm going for a smoke, basically, and left me to it! I'd have to say that's not something likely to ever happen at home! I mean, sure he was probably right outside, making it difficult for me to clean him out, there would have been nothing stopping me from piling in accessories into my oversized purse. Such is the culture over here I guess, a bit more trusting and less cynical from what I've seen - it's great!

I ended up buying the jacket to wear tonight, along with a cute little flip flop sandal keitai decoration, so I can finally keep track of my keys, and a a hair clip/scrunchie thing which he ended up giving to me. He was very friendly, and all excited when he found out I'm from Canada - he has a friend from Vancouver, hardly surprising, since everyone either knows someone from or currently in Vancouver, or has spent time there themselves. It's often something that I have in common with people I meet over here!

Not too much else to report about the day (I really will have to stash away some random tidbits as Pete keeps suggesting to whip out on these slow occasions!)

Ummm let's see, here's one: This is a great idea - standardized butter containters. Each little rectangular plastic tub has a gap in the side, just under the lid, within which perfectly fits the little tiny butter knife which is made to measure. I have no idea where one might get their butter knife to go with the butter tub, or if you have to buy a slightly different dimmension knife for each brand of butter? I suppose it's like the milk bag jugs in Ontario or wherever else they don't put their milk in a jug like normal! (Milk, and the cooking there of, is a good future topic for one here too!)
Anyway, custom sized butter knives is my thing of interest today - it really does cut down on knife usage, and there's always a good sized knife conveniently waiting for use!

So, random I know, but it entertained me the first time I examined it properly. (OK, let's be honest, it still does)! There's your cultural lesson for the day, and I'm off to get ready...


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