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Friday, June 10, 2011

Yesterday morning I got up to work and then when Zane arrived we started doing the dirt moving and digging again. There wasn't sooo much left to be done, but it was still hot, hard work. We had to get it finished though, as the guy who is doing the tilling is meant to be coming by today, so we were trying to get it ready for that.

We broke for lunch and Zane made us omelettes, which was really nice since she knows we aren't crazy about the bright magenta fermented milk soup she made before, and that's what they were having for lunch. We had a very pleasant sit in the shade and chatted over lunch before going back to finish up the earth moving and plant watering and whatnot.

We finished work at about 3:30 and then hung around the club while she went to pick up the Thai girl and the new Italian guy. I fell asleep in the hammock, and then stubbed my toe so hard while swinging that I peeled off a chunk of skin. It was yuck! Slamming my head into multiple low pieces of wood definitely made me want to go back to sleep pretty quick yesterday!

Once they all showed up, we headed over to the sister's house to help the Thai girl cook for everyone. There were ten adults in all, and she made a great spread for us! Red and green curries, basil with garlic and chicken, omelette, rice, etc. So good! After we'd finished chopping things up, Cecilia and I went to play outside with Agata, which is always funny when she is trying to think of the word in English, she seems as though she is physically giving birth to it as she contorts her body and flutters her hands in frustration. For 8, her English is pretty good, though, especially compared to our Latvian.

She was hilarious when she was explaining and Cecilia was talking to one of the dogs, she was like 'Cecilia!' in a very sharp 'are we listening?' voice. She was trying to explain a complicated game involving throwing a ball in the air, catching it, calling someone's name, them taking 14 steps back, and the ball thrower trying to get the ball (in this case a stuffy) through a hoop made by the person's arms.

She also asked us if we liked dogs and then told us she knew where two, long, smart, miniature ones lived, and proceeded to climb a tree. We were a little confused, to say the least, but then it was dinner time which was great. Mix wandered by and stole a sip of someone's 28% alcohol and then proceeded to scream about it, which was kind of hilarious and karmic, really.

Cecilia and I ended up having an hour and a half long singalong to him, first running through our limited lyric repertoire of Christmas carols and Somewhere Over the Rainbow-type songs, and then realising we could look up lyrics on our phones. That meant we could do a good chunk of the Christmas oeuvre before adding backing tracks courtesy of our iPods and graduating to a random assortment of songs by Coldplay, Joni Mitchell, the Ataris, Dido, Leonard Cohen (covered by the good people at Shrek), and a few others. He was fast asleep by the time he was collected to go home around 11.

Since we didn't have to get up too early today we watched a Friends and hung out for a little bit before getting some sleep ourselves.


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