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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Well today was our first official day as workawayers at the squash club, and it couldn't have been too much different from at Aufbrekka! I got up at 8 and did a couple of hours of BAB work before waking up Cecilia for a quick breakfast. We knew we didn't have to be back until at least noon, so we took the two bikes to the little town near us to check out the grocery story and buy a brita water filter (the water smells and tastes like rotten eggs here). We spent about half an hour looking at the (generally really cheap) food, bought 65 cent ice cream sandwhiches, and then headed back. We made a small snack and then took our books out to the sun for an hour or so, until Zane showed up.

She fed us lunch, too, which was a cold soup that I can't say I really enjoyed--beets, radishes, pickled stuff, and lots of dill in a milky base. Other than the milk, I'm not really a fan of any of those things.

We were then asked to actually--you know--do some work, and cut the lawn for them. It's pretty big, all told, at least an acre, but they have a riding mower, which Cecilia manned, and then a push mower, which I used to do the edges and playground area. It was a relatively benign way to pass the afternoon, with the exception of the lovely burn I got myself. Time to get out the spray sunscreen I picked up yesterday!

After that we got the very fun job of building a prototype for a rope climbing structure we're going to build properly tomorrow. We basically got to spend a couple of hours making enormous dream catchers in the playground, and in the end came up with a pretty good method of putting it all together, which I think we may do properly tomorrow.

And that Crazy. We decided to play squash, which was great fun. I dragged C into it for a while and then when she went to shower I had a good game with the wall. She managed to get it stuck on the railing between the two courts, which apparently is fairly common, but was still funny and we spent quite some amount of time trying to throw a water bottle at it to get it down, until we were told that they could get it down somehow. It's been too long since I played a racquet sport!! I'm hoping to play with the host-dad soon, he can teach me a lot, I'm sure!

After that, it was time for dinner, which was luckily much better than lunch! Hot dogs (they sure are popular over here!), potato pancakes, and a tomato salad, yum! Everyone else left in a bit of a rush today because one of the kids got hurt by bouncing on a trampoline and hitting her teeth onto the scalp of another kid (or something?) so we had the place to ourselves starting around 9. We made fried egg sandwiches (dinner was good, but small) and since we've been told there is AC upstairs (thank god!) we're going to head up there and watch some Friends soon. It should be better than last night, which was absolutely sweltering. We kept our travel towels wet with cold water and wrapped around as much of us as we could, but it didn't really help all that much. Luckily we were tired and slept anyway, but we're excited for AC tonight, the slight decrease in mossies (must be all the ones I killed!) is appreciated too!


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