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Monday, July 09, 2007

Saturday was VERY relaxing! I actually worked hard at not working--I wasn't teaching, and Hitomi and Peter were off at the Ritz (photos) which sounds as if it was rather nice--a gorgeous corner suite, spa treatments, Japanese dinner, champagne brunch, etc.(they had some rather nice views from their rather nice suite!)

Meanwhile, Venus and I went to the conveni and stocked up on food and then came home and moved from one couch to the other, a total slumber party for two. We read, napped, moved from couch to couch, finished Season Two of the OC, and thought about working but quickly dismissed that idea as silly. It's been quite awhile since I did absolutely nothing for an entire day, and while it was lovely, I have to say I was a bit bored with the whole decadence thing by about I just headed to bed :)

Sunday, I had to teach, at 10 and 2, and in between, went to get ramen for lunch (yum!!) and then pretty much the business profile for the July 20 Weekender. Came home around 4, and found Peter and Hitomi home as well as Hitomi's brother, sister in law, and super cute two year old nephew, who was regarding Venus with some suspicion, so I took Venus out for a bit of a walk, and then came home to hear all of the tails of the mini-break at the Ritz.
Peter and Hitomi caught up on the OC for me (cliff hanger!) while I worked on the July 20 feature and then made pancakes for dinner. Fairly early night at today--


--got up early and got to work just after 8, to finish up the feature and businness before Karin got in, only to find that our internet wasn't working. Marie also came in early, and we only got the net back at about 10:40, so it was a bit frustrating that we'd gotten in but not been able to research stuff (or when proofing, check all of those pesky words you think you know but really don't - infact--one word or two? etc) Spend the day proofing, finishing those two articles, doing the calendar, chasing up content, and generally trying to get organised to go to print Wednesday morning. Luckily, no major crisis yet! Knock wood! Left with Karin just before 7 and went with her to Shibuya, where she was meeting a friend, and I went for more ramen (gotta get it now while I can!) before walking home... So not to exciting, but not to long and/or stressful either, which is always a plus as well :)


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