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Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy late Canada Day! (I taught, and then we took Venus to Neil's for a BBQ--Peter knows him from the CCCJ, and he's basically our neighbour now--he lives beside the UNIQLO shacho's massive house/driving range. I came back after a couple of hours with Venus, and then Peter stayed for a few more hours. While he was still there, I worked on the July 20 feature for Weekender and watched some OC).

Yesterday, I went to the gym and then to work, and then after work, met Jordon to go to the Mori Art mueum to check out the exhibit about Le Corbusier. It was really interesting! I only really knew his name, as an architect, before we went, but I wouldn't have been able to pick out any buildings or anything (perhaps because very few of his large-scale proposals actually got made?) but we discovered that he is actually an architect, painter, sculptor, urban planner, automobile designer, furniture designer, etc. It was a very impressive range of creativity displayed! One of the coolest things was the fact that they'd built 3 full-scale models you could walk through; you got a much better sense of it than just with the architectural models! A lot of what he was designing in the 20s and 30s would still be considered very modern today, and with one building, all that made you realise it was designed back then were the little people in their victorian style dresses and the drawings of old cars in some of the renderings.

After the musuem (and a super quick spin up to the foggy and smoggy city view) we headed to Suji's for dinner (its like a magnet or something!) and had a good time catching up...


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Anonymous said...

Hang in there, blogger girl! When you're 87 and can't quite recall the details, you'll be happy to have the blog to show to the other residents in the old folks' home!