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Saturday, July 14, 2007

God, bad blogger me! Smack bottoms all around I think! Ummm anyway, let's see... Wednesday (can't even remember the last time I blogged, how horrible is that?) Weekender went to print-it's our Auto issue, with Michael Martin on the cover. Michael travels around the deserts on his BMW bike taking AMAZING photographs--a bunch of us from the office are going to see him speak and present his images at the Goethe-Institut on august one, which I'm looking forward too-his book is likely to be amazing if the photos we saw for the magazine are any indication!

Thursday, I went to the gym, and then at work, BAB came back from the printers which was really exciting--I think it looks good, and so far, I haven't found any glaring errors (which always terrifies me after they come back from the printers). That said, that being scared to look at it thing always means that I basically just flip through it to reassure myself that none of the scary boxes came back or anything, and then I can't look at it in any more detail. Especially this one!! I'm sure I'll get over it and be able to look properly soon, but for now, I just take people's word for it when they say they like it :)

Thursday night, I went to work at the pink cow with Karin, who ended up helping out in the kitchen b/c she actually hadn't been supposed to come in, and then it turned out to be pretty quiet as the event wasn't really promoted and therefore quieter than hoped for --Karin and I talked about writing and stuff, and then we left an hour early, at ten, which was nice--early mornings/long days/nice to get home at 11ish instead of midnightish!

Friday, Helen was back which was exciting! Lovely to have her back in the office, although she was more than a little bit jet lagged and probably wishing she was still in rainy old England as opposed to rainy old Japan! We had a nice catch up over lunch though and then headed to Donki to take some photos for the beating the heat feature--there are some great 'only in Japan' products going in, such as a -40C bug killing spray (cyrogenics, anyone?) that basically freezes the life out of the poor suckers on contact. We also found these ridiculous 'mouth slimmers' that look like dental aids of some sort, with like a rubbery cross piece and then two rubbery C shaped bits that go in each corner of your mouth, and then you kind of make fish faces, working against the tension of the rubber (there's three different hardnesses) in order to make your mouth slimmer. I wonder if it helps with snogging? or would just make you seem really aggressive?

Anyway...Friday night was quiet-just me and Peter, I made us dinner to try and make some room in the fridge for the insane amounts of food he's laid in for the BBQ on Monday (he went to costco with Risa when I was at work on Friday)...

Today (Saturday) I slept in and then went to teach at 1:30, and came basically straight back as it was pouring (typhoon in the general area), and then chilled at home for the afternoon while Peter was at work--watching old episodes of the OC and trying to pick my classes (very frustrating, but I'm getting there) before Peter and Hitomi turned up around 9... We ate dinner mostly from the shipment of McCain frozen foods that turned up today (Hitomi used to work there), with crab cakes, mango, and peaches, and cherries for dinner (random by tasty)

While we were eating, we watched some more OC (current to us episodes) and Peter and I figured out what computer I'm going to be able to get--really really soon as is turns out!! sooooo excited! I'm going to get a dual 2.16Ghz mac book, 13 inch, 2 mb of ram, 160gb HD, should be pretty nice!!! Just have to head down to the famed Apple store in Ginza sometime this week to get it--will get them to switch out the J keyboard for an English one, and I'll be all good to go! *squeal!*



Anonymous said...

I don't know if this will make a difference for you but Apple (even Apple Canada) has a discount for students if you buy through them. They are also giving away a free iPod Nano with the purchase of a computer. They have some really good prices compared to stores but I don't know what the prices are like over in Tokyo.

Check out

Anonymous said...

Sorry the link didn't show up very well. I guess has a problem with really long links.

Here it is again with breaks. Just paste it all back together to get the correct URL.