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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vaulting. January 26.

Walker was really good!! Super star :) Worked on swings with basic seat in between each one, which seems to improve my swings a bunch. Not sure why, but maybe forces me into shoulder-hip-heel. It's also helping my basic seat which is oddly one of my weakest feeling compulsories. Working on diving up and over the surcingle. I think the strength and handstands are helping me support my body in the swing so that coming down feels more controlled as well.

Stood twice at canter, without the lead rope. Felt pretty controlled and Walker was a star.

Decided to do shoulder stands at canter next week, with Danno on the back to help support me. Definitely nervous to try them, but I know I need to get it over with and it will be less scary with time, like everything.

Worked on new freestyle moves at canter as well: cross lie with no hands, sideways split in the stirrup, sign post with one hand free, and sideways sadie with no arms. Fell the first time on that one, as I refused to go for it and stretch up. The second time I completely gave'r and managed to do it. Susan said I actually stretched too much. Haha oh well.

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