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Thursday, January 27, 2011

So I start circus school next week. I can't wait! It's through Vancouver Circus School and I'm taking two classes back to back--Aerial Silks, and Static Hoop and Static Trapeeze. This brings my scheduled upside down time to 5 times per week, which isn't bad, really! Gymnastics on Monday and Tuesday, vaulting Wednesday, Circus on Thursday, and Acro balancing with Toryn and Cecilia on Saturdays.

I want to start logging what I'm up to somewhere, and might start to do that here a little bit. So for those of you reading about Japan, I apologise as this is about to take a left turn into circusville. If all goes well, it will be back to travel in May, though. There are many acrobatic shows to take in in Beijing!!

Time to go upside down.


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