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Monday, May 26, 2008

Read a memoir yesterday (ha, I read too fast, but it really was only a day and a half or so) about a woman who blogged her life as an ex-pat in Paris. Who had a partner (Mr. Frog) and a child (tadpole), who was sick of her life. Who fell in love with a regular reader. Who changed her life for him. Who got fired from her job because she blogged. Whose new relationship fell apart. Who gets 100,000 hits a month (what, do I not have enough boy drama on here?)

It was interesting and painful and a good reminder and brought back memories of how this blog started to take over my life last year..."Oh crap, it's 5 pm, I haven't left the house, what am I going to blog?!" or 'hmmm, I wonder if I can blog this work story', or, while walking, a mental composition of posts to come.

In any case, an interesting story, worth a read (its out in Canada June 17, I had an ARC, but you can check it out here):

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