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Thursday, August 05, 2010

So, those punks on the beach I met a few months ago? They certainly did become a part of my life, especially B, who is suddenly one of my best friends and--if we get our act together--going to be my roommate in September along with his awesome girl T and maybe another one of B's friends. Plus his awesome pitbull.

Strangely, in a lot of ways we have very little in common, though we often balance each other out, but he's the kind of friend who can hear me say 'I'm so lonely but I can't be around people right now,' know exactly what I mean, and invite me over to just be around someone that loves me without needing to interact at all with him. It's a weird thing, but something I love. I don't have to be anything around them, and the more I feel it from them, the more I realise how sort of rare that is.

And partly--OK largely--because of them, and the people and places (and music!) they're introducing me to, Vancouver is, for the first time, OK. I'm maybe even enjoying it. Bizarre! So...I'm taking advantage of not feeling a burning desire to run away and staying here--moving in with my friends, and trying to get a little bit more school done. It's a bit of a race against time to get tuition and registration in place, but I'm hoping to do another independent design class as well as another anthro requirement or two. We shall see.


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