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Monday, May 03, 2010

[post 400!]

Today's topic: How I spent my summer vacation. Or: How Grampa and I turned a pigeon coop into a house.

One of those 'has potential' places TLC so loves to cover on Saturday afternoon specials.

It's defining feature was 14 years (and wheelbarrow loads) of crap. Which we hauled away to find a very structurally-sound place, luckily! Even some torn ligaments weren't enough to stop construction.

This was BY FAR the crappiest part of the whole reno. If you can avoid it, I highly suggest you NEVER insulate a ceiling. In the end, though, it was totally worth it!! I'll find some other pictures later, including some of the other end, which features a teeny tiny kitchenette and a little bitty desk.

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