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Saturday, September 08, 2007

A mixi message; in three parts:

1. What I wrote:

2. What I think it *might* vaguely mean:

Good evening! Are you well? Yes, I'm studying Japanese, but it's hard, yes? Was your weekend fun? Talk to you later!

3. What Altavista's Babelfish thinks I said:

It is dense, it is, it is the わ! The げ it is going back and forth? It is, the わ it is the ほ it is the べ it is the sewer does the っ, with, the む it does tilting, it does, the ょ! Your palpus well it is it is the present? In addition don't you think?!

Oh dear God!


Anonymous said...

The first part is a simple mistake.
You wrote こんばんわ when you
wanted こんばんは . Konbanwa ends
with a "ha" in hirigana that is pronounced "wa".

Nikki said...

wow-I'm impressed with anonymous' analysis of the first bit... but what the heck happened to the rest of your message? This is pretty funny! Language barrier? I'll say.

Anonymous said...

You misspelled most of the words, I guess that's what lead to the funny translation. When corrected you get the following (still funny) translation instead: "It is dense, it is, it is! It is vigorous? It is, I study Japanese, but it is difficult, probably will be! Your weekend it was pleasant? In addition don't you think?!".
Google Translate works better: "Hello! How are you? Yes, I have to study Japanese, it is difficult! Did you enjoy your weekend? Also!"